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In the late 1960s, appliance store owner Eldin Irwin first encountered the Mold-a-Rama "Miniature Toy Factory" machines while visiting a state fair. Recognizing their potential, he leased several of the machines from vending giant Automatic Retailers of America (ARA) and placed them throughout Michigan and Ohio. In 1968 ARA decided to shut down the Mold-a-Rama division entirely and began selling off their remaining machines. Eldin purchased much of the available inventory and added the machines and mold sets to add to his growing business which he named "Contour Shops Inc."

By the early 1970, Eldin was taking the machines on the road traveling to state fairs and carnivals throughout the Midwest with several Mold-a-Ramas loaded on the backs of trailers. Soon, a then thirteen-year-old grandson named Tim Striggow joined the family business and began touring the country with his grandpa, learning how to maintain the aging machines and manage the traveling souvenir business.

Around 1980, another operator of Mold-a-Ramas, a Florida vendor called Mold-a-Matic, was ready to sell off their entire fleet of machines. Eldin expanded his empire again, spreading his reach to Florida and in the process adopting the Mold-a-Matic(tm) Inc. name. By the end of the decade and after 20+ years working with the machines he was ready to retire, eventually selling the business to his daughter Nancy Leslie and her husband Tom.

Tim continued to work for the new owners (his mom and stepdad) until eventually he and wife Denise bought the business from them in 2004 and changed its name to Unique Souvenirs Inc. Now headquartered in Lake Wales, Florida, Unique Souvenirs is still a family owned business and, with the help of son-in-law Kevin Tucker, continue to operate and lease Mold-a-Matic(tm) brand Mold-a-Rama machines throughout Florida, Tennessee and Ohio. As a third-generation operator with over 40 years of experience Mold-a-Matic(tm) strives to provide the best customer service in the industry. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on our machines.

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